Using the latest standards in cost efficient LED lighting we can provide the right solution for your home or business including home living areas as well as bathrooms / kitchens / conservatories or for the garden and security lighting as well as commercial office, warehouse and workshop lighting, flood lighting, security lighting and street lighting.

All of our lighting installations are designed to be as cost effective and future proof as possible.

LED lighting has numerous benefits including:
– Provides up to 75% in energy savings for lighting
– Can last up to 25 times longer than traditional lighting
– LED Lights are available in a variety of colours to suit different Domestic or Commercial environments
– LED lights are available in numerous styles / designs to meet any requirement or environment
– Fluorescent tube replacement LEDs light instantly as they do not require a starter or ballast to strike and save on operating costs
– In Hi-Bay Lighting, there is no glass that can shatter, they contain no lead, hydrargyrum or other harmful contaminants
– LED light deterioration is only around 3% over its lifetime
– LED lights require less ongoing maintenance, which reduces costs and risk especially at high-level working
– LEDs produce a fraction of the heat of other lighting types
– Massive reductions in CO2
– LED lighting solutions to replace existing discharge lighting, such as mercury vapour and metal haylide
– Installation of LED lighting solutions also will achieve an environmentally friendly carbon footprint, and a reduction in operating costs